Yoga Studios in 2018 You Have to Try near Cerritos CA

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Yoga has become one of the most popular forms of exercise because it not only helps improve your flexibility, but it can help you relax, too. There are so many yoga studios near the Cerritos area, but if you’re looking to get started, you’ll want to head to the best ones to help you learn the positions and forms, so you can start achieving your fitness and flexibility goals today.

Here are a few yoga studios you have to try near Cerritos, CA, in 2018!

Earth Power Yoga

7901 Melrose Avenue, #208, Los Angeles, CA                                                 Facebook

yoga2If you’re in Melrose, you may want to give Earth Power Yoga a try. If you find your normal yoga studio too routine, Earth Power Yoga will be the place for you. They constantly change things up and make each session unique and memorable. They offer varying hot yoga classes designed for all skill levels. They even offer classes all throughout the day and evening, so if you’ve got a busy schedule, the studio can easily accommodate you, so you can get in your session—even if you have to stay late at the office!

Glow Hot Yoga

16360 Pacific Coast Highway, Unit 100, Huntington Beach, CA               Facebook                    Instagram

yoga 3Do you like beautiful views to complement your yoga experience? Glow Hot Yoga is right on the Pacific Coast Highway, and it offers a great view of the harbor while you’re getting into your poses. The instructors at Glow Hot Yoga are incredibly passionate about their work, and they take the necessary time to make sure that you’re getting into the proper forms and movements, so you can gain the full experience. They offer plenty of different classes offering longer durations, sculpting sessions, and of course, hot Vinyasa.

The Hot Room

4101 North Bellflower Boulevard, Long Beach, CA                                                            Facebook

Hot yoga helps you raise your pulse rate and metabolism, which aids you in burning more calories during your session. That’s exactly what you get at the Hot Room in Long Beach. They offer 60-minute classes, 75-minute classes, and even 90-minute classes, which is great if you feel like the hour wasn’t enough. The instructors even offer fusion classes that incorporate various other forms of exercise into your yoga experience. The Hot Room offers a different yoga experience than most studios, so if you’re looking for something new and exciting, you may want to sign up.

All of these yoga studios are the stand-outs of the Cerritos area yoga scene. Try them and see which one is the right studio for you!


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