Wear the Wind through 2013 Hyundai Sonata

The ability to ride the wind is an ambition which has led humanity to travel the skies in various forms and which has led many makers of car models to create vehicles which are meant to give humans the feeling that they are one with air. But sadly enough, not many models can be seriously claimed to ride the wind since many of them actually resist the wind rather than flow with it. Only the few exceptions, with the 2013 Hyundai Sonata being among them, can really claim to have the wind on its side, propelling it to ever greater heights.

Certain clothing of legend comes with the ability to allow the one wearing them to actually wear the wind along with the material which allows them to move effortlessly and lightly. In the same sense, the exterior skin of the Sonata was built to accommodate the flow of air instead of resisting it so that cruising is more effortless while still looking mighty fine. That is the essence of having the wind on your side.

The biggest problem that usually comes with hybrid vehicles is the sacrifice that must be made in terms of space since the engines and batteries need to occupy chunks of the car. But with the technology that the Sonata uses, the bulky parts are smaller and so more space is provided.

With the wind, performance is as easy and effortless as simply existing. Following this philosophy, the Sonata comes with the efficiency in fuel that is expected from hybrids, though the amount of power it offers is definitely a new one on the field.

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