2012 Hyundai Santa Fe

Instead of spending for maintenance on your 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, such as changing its oil, you can actually save money if you do this on your own. This vehicle is a middle-sized sports utility vehicle (SUV) that has a regular oil changing procedure. The Santa Fe uses five quarts of oil and the suggested oil change is every time it reaches 3000 miles of driving in Los Angeles.

In changing the oil of your 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, get a car jack and place your vehicle on jack stands. You can also drive it on wheel ramps if you do not own jack stands. Lift up the hood of the Santa Fe so as to take off the oil filler cap and the dipstick which is located close to the compartment of the front engine. You will see oil filler nearby.

Prior to going under your Santa Fe, put on a cleaning outfit and gather tools you need such as an oil filter wrench, a 17-mm wrench as well as a new oil filter. You are now ready to change the oil of the Santa Fe.

Search for the oil drain plug and the oil filter just under your Santa Fe. You will find the filter at one of the sides of the oil pan while the drain plug is situated at the oil pan’s bottom. With the 17mm wrench, take off the oil drain plug quickly so that oil will drift away for the next 15 minutes.  Make sure the threads and gaskets are unharmed. If they are, replace them with new ones if essential.

With the oil filter wrench, remove the oil filter. Take away old oil and let this drip inside an oil drip pan. Place new oil filter. Squeeze the filter tightly using your own hands and put back the drain plug with your wrench. Remove any excess oil and slide out underneath your Santa Fe.

Open your Santa Fe’s hood and place more oil. Start the car and see if the oil pressure gauge rises. Run the engine for 60 seconds. If it does not rise, turn off the engine and place more oil.

Put down your Santa Fe and put off its engine. Read the oil on the dipstick and if the level is not full, put in more oil. You have successfully changed the oil of your Santa Fe and you are ready to drive the streets and roads of Los Angeles again.

When you are changing the oil of your 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe, do not place the old oil into the trashcan. Place them inside plastic containers and drop them off at any Los Angeles store for auto parts or gasoline stores as these have units where they dump their used oil.

Nothing beats driving around Los Angeles in a beautiful 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe running in perfect condition.