Your Used Car Buying Checklist

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As Long Beach, Anaheim, and Downey drivers set off on their used car buying journey, they may have a few questions about the process. That’s why the Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore Cerritos team has put together this checklist.

We’ll lay out the entire process for you in short, simple steps. Read on and contact us to get started!

  • Set Your Budget

The first step you should take when purchasing a used car (or any car) is setting a budget. You need to have a solid price range for yourself before you can really set your sights on any particular models.

As you’re drawing this up, be sure to factor in any money you might receive from your current car’s trade-in. You can always check out the trade-in calculator on our website to learn more.

  • Choose Your Seller

CarDeal6When it comes to used vehicles, some drivers might go with a private seller. However, these transactions often lack the quality assurance of shopping with a dealership. You never really know what you’re going to get.

Sticking with a reputable dealer ensures high quality, reliability, and tons of help throughout the process.

  • Make a List of Cars

Once you select your used car dealership, start browsing through the inventory online. From here, you can put together a list of models that really stick out to you—vehicles that have the features and specs you need, all while falling within your price range.

  • Test Drive a Used Car

Honestly, this may just be the most important part of the used car buying process. In order to determine if the model is right for you, you need to get behind the wheel.

Be sure to pay special attention to engine response and brakes, as well as cabin space and any cosmetic flaws you might spot. All these things can impact your overall satisfaction.

  • Check the Vehicle History Report

After your test drive, be sure to look over the car’s vehicle history report. Most dealerships will have these readily available for you, all you have to do is ask.

  • Sort Out Financing

Car financingOnce your heart is set on a car, you may want to sit down with the dealership’s finance team to sort out financing. For example, you may need to secure an auto loan, which they’re happy to help with.

At our used car dealer, you can apply for financing online!

  • Gather the Right Documents for Purchase

When purchase day arrives, you can make the process a whole lot smoother by coming prepared with all the necessary documents. These include:

  • Your driver’s license, registration, and current proof of insurance
  • The new proof of insurance
  • If you’re trading in, your old car’s title
  • In some cases, proof of income and residency

Used Car Buying Checklist—Start Shopping

Now that you know all the steps, you can dive right into the fun. Long Beach, Anaheim, and Downey drivers can find their next pre-owned car at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore Cerritos. Start browsing our inventory online now!


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