Top Food Trucks Around Whittier, CA

The food truck business around Whittier, CA, has bloomed over the last several years. And as it’s grown in popularity, the abundance of options has increased. Today there are so many food trucks to choose from that if you’ve got a craving, chances are good that you can find a truck nearby that’s serving it.

For your convenience, your friends at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore have put together this list of our top three favorite food trucks around Whittier.

Crepes Bonaparte

dessertrecipeWhen you think food truck, you’re likely not thinking about fine French cuisine. But Crepes Bonaparte is serving up a full-on menu of breakfast, lunch, and dessert-style French crepes that will mentally transport you to the beautiful streets of France.

The coolest thing about Crepes Bonaparte, aside from their incredible food and French flair, is the fact that they cater. So not only can you request the crepe truck for your next event, but they also offer a crepe station for hire. And it’s all you can eat.

Check out the entire Crepes Bonaparte menu and find out how you can get the food truck at your next event by visiting their official website. Or contact them on social media through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The Lobos Truck

If you’re looking for American comfort food with a twist, nothing really compares to The Lobos Truck. Serving up high-quality meats, fresh and organic produce, and incredible flavor combinations, these ambitious food truckers are doing something stunning with food. The Lobos Truck offers a wacho, a combination of a waffle fry as a cup with delicious nacho toppings. The truck also serves traditional comfort food that’s both flavorful and easy to eat.

Check out all of The Lobos Truck offerings on their website or connect with them on social media.

Vchos Truck

Food truckServing up “Gourmet Central American Inspired Tapas,” the Vchos Truck is a definitely fan favorite around Whittier, CA. With fresh ingredients, inspired recipes, and beautiful presentations, the restauranteurs serve up incredible cuisine everywhere they go. If you’re looking for something truly delightful, try out their vegetarian pupusas or their burgers. If you want authentic El Salvadorian food, Chef Wendy’s fare is sure to whet your appetite.

Find out where Vchos will be by connecting with them on Twitter. Want to request the truck at your event or location? Email the team at

For best results, you should try all three of our favorite food trucks around Whittier, CA. Check out the websites and see where they’re going to be when you’re ready to try their incredible menus.

After you try their culinary delights, be sure to connect with them and let them know on social media what you think of their food. Not only will you be supporting local businesses, but you’ll also be sharing delightful food with everyone you love!

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