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The feeling of catching a wave and riding it back to shore is unparalleled. Paddling out in the water and waiting for the right wave is an art form. However, if you aren’t trained, and you head out to catch a wave, the results won’t always go in your favor. That’s why you should seek out the right instructor to help you along the way. If you’re looking to take surf lessons near Cerritos, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve come up with a list of the best places to help you head out to the ocean!

Calibu Surf School

Pacific Coast Highway, Huntington Beach, CA                                                 Facebook                    Instagram

surfboardsIf you’re looking to learn from some expert surfers in Huntington Beach, there’s no better place than Calibu Surf School. They aim to get you on a wave your very first day of lessons by teaching you the proper techniques and styles that you can incorporate into your surfing ideology. They offer group lessons and even private lessons, if you need more of a one-on-one instruction experience. You can even stock up on gear in their surf shop, with various apparel, accessories, and even boards available.

Perfect Day Surf Camp

100 Knob Hill Avenue, Redondo Beach, CA                                                      Facebook                    Instagram


Whether you’re on the lookout for surfing lessons, or you want to get your kids involved in the sport, you may want to check out Perfect Day Surf Camp in Redondo Beach. The instructors have been lifelong surfers, so they’re knowledgeable about the different styles and forms, but they’re also adept at predicting breaks in the surf and knowing when to catch a wave or let it go. They’ll impart their wisdom, so you can apply it to your surfing. They even hold summer camps, so you can send your little ones off to catch some waves and have some fun in the sun.

M&M Surfing School

802 Ocean Avenue, Seal Beach, CA                                                                     Facebook                    Instagram

M&M Surfing School in Seal Beach provides the boards, the wetsuits, and the fun. This surf school has been a SoCal staple for more than 20 years, which makes them experts in the field. They approach each lesson with safety first, and the rest is fun and knowledgeable. There are multiple breaks on Seal Beach, providing easy opportunities for various skill levels to catch a wave. They offer competitive prices and even surf camp for you to consider for the little ones. Get started on your adventures in the Pacific by signing up for lessons at M&M Surfing School.

When it’s time to head out on a surfboard to grab a wave and ride it, you’ll want to learn the necessary skills. Try any of these great surfing lessons near Cerritos to strengthen your abilities and become a regular surfer!


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