Spend Less But Still Get More of Everything With The 2013 Hyundai Elantra

Buyers would expect less from a car that is priced below the $20,000 mark these days. However, the 2013 Hyundai Elantra exceeds a lot of expectations out there in the industry. Yes, it was a 2013 car that has been released in the middle of 2012 and it is really created to impress people. The 4-cylinder engine is of the 1.8-liter variety and could boast of a very impressive 148 HP output. This easily outperforms the popular Corolla which only has a 132 HP juice. The 38 MPG rating of Elantra on the road is quite a stunner too for those who are after good amounts of savings. Actual mileage per gallon depends through on the conditions of use.

Externally, this 2013 model is quite a beautiful sight to behold. Its design is described as “Fluidic Sculpture” which essentially casts off traditional features that one might expect from a low-cost unit. The roofline is essentially designed to be on the rising side and the wheelbase is much wider than in previous models.

On the interior, the fun for any driver begins. No one would expect that a 16-grand car like this could come with so many cutting-edge features. It has a steering wheel that integrates with the audio and music system as well as the paired Bluetooth device. The voice recognition system allows any driver to make calls hands-free through a series of pre-programmed audio commands. The response of the car’s system to commands from the driver is much similar to those that we often see in futuristic movies.

Tech-savvy drivers would love the input jacks and USB ports for iPod or any other similar devices. A reliable SiriusXM Satellite Radio is also accessible on the front panel. Limited edition Elantra units come with an integrated navigation unit with a huge touch screen monitor.

Probably the best thing about this car would be all about the warranties that come with it. Basically, it is offered with a 10-year/100,000 mile warranty which other car manufacturers would be afraid to talk about. Buyers would also receive a guaranteed 5 years of roadside assistance.

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