Look Like A Pro from the Best LA Skate Shops


Whether you’re looking to improve your kickflip, 180, or 50-50 grind, you’ll need the best parts and accessories to master those skating tricks. You might want to also invest in some stylish gear to stand out from the crowd.

No matter if you’re a novice or a pro, it’s always a great idea to buy items from a quality shop. If you’re not sure where to venture to first, then check out our guide to the best LA skate shops…

The Oldest Skate Shop in Los Angeles

L.A. Skate Co. has been around since 1979, making it the oldest skate shop in Los Angeles. Owner Dave White first sold roller skates out of his apartment. He then opened Hot Skates in 1979, which became L.A. Skate Co. in 1984.

Not only is this store known for being the most established, but they also have the largest selection of skateboard decks in the world. In fact, you can choose from thousands of 7-ply hard rock maple decks, Bones Mini Logo decks, and blank natural wood decks. They primarily carry Sure-Grip Roller Skates, as well, to support a third-generation, family-owned LA business.

To see what other products they sell, visit L.A. Skate Co. on Facebook.

Classic Skateboard Shop with Stories for Days

SkateShopRip City Skates is a small, family-owned shop that prides itself on selling quality products at low prices. When you visit, you’ll see a nice collection of vintage boards on the walls, and a fun cast of characters behind the counter. They’ll tell you lots of stories and answer any questions that you may have.

This shop has everything you need to successfully skate around LA. They sell plenty of decks, longboards, wheels, and hardgood accessories like bearings and bolts. They also have clothing and footwear, so you can show off your style while showcasing your impressive skateboarding tricks.

Learn more on the Rip City Skates Facebook page.

A Shop That Represents Skateboarding & Individuality

If you’re seeking the best in street wear, footwear, and skate products, then you’ll want to visit Transport. This store is committed to customer service. This way, they can create and develop relationships with customers to satisfy their individual needs.

This collective retailer selects products that not only best represent skateboarding, but music and art, as well. Here, you’ll find shoes, hats, shirts, and watches for men, women, and children. Upon purchasing any of their products, you’ll look cool and feel comfortable when skating on the LA streets.

Visit Transport on Facebook for photos of items they have for sale.

Bank on These LA Shops for Your Skating Needs

Be sure to visit any of the above-mentioned shops for all your skating needs. Then, get out there on the half-pipe or paved streets of LA, and show off those skills!


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