Riding Like in a Spacious Sedan – 2013 Hundai Tucson

This newly released 2013 Tucson has a little difference from its previous year model. Although the design is still the same, many people opted to buy this car as it has a lot of advantages which comes with a cheap price. This fuel economic car gives you extra mileage and benefits you in the long run. Equipped with its brilliant safety features, you will be able to ride more comfortably. This car has a 6-speed transmission to gain more control. A fueled efficient engine that performs well in highway, at 30 mpg with a direct injection car which has four cylinders that sums it up for the 2013 Hundai Tucson.

It has a standard 6-speaker that has a 160-watt capacity audio system. Can be tuned as an FM/AM and can play CD or mp3 which is also equipped with auxiliary input jacks. Also comes with satellite radio which is powered by SiriusXM.

This 2013 Hyundai Tucson SUV has rear privacy glass. It has also a remote controlled key system and safety alarm. A solar glass on the front and a rear privacy glass have been fitted to this vehicle.

The Tucson has been awarded due to its safety measures technology. Aside from the other known safety equipment of a car such as six airbags, vehicle stability control and brake assist system. This car is also equipped with stability control, traction system, active head restraints and side impact safety.

A touch button for starting the engine, a 16.5 inch navigation system touchscreen control with rearview camera, and a Bluetooth phone system and cruise control and tire pressure monitoring together make the Tucson a real gem on the road.

Hyundai Tucson’s makers had been working carefully to provide safety to the driver or passenger. This car has also an elegant design which is a bit similar to a sedan which adds to its attraction. Its design helps the car to look small yet spacious inside. This car is ranked as the top 12 most affordable car.

Hyundai Tucson has really beaten most of the cars in terms of its ratings. This car is definitely cheaper than other types of SUV and its disadvantages are not quite that important. A nice designed car which helps you to be more relaxed not only by its comfortableness but also due to its fuel economy features.

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