Looks, Power, and Economy: All in The New 2013 Hyundai Accent

Everybody loves an inexpensive but good-looking car that can boast of power on the road. These are the things that describe the currently released 2013 Hyundai Accent. It belongs to the category of “subcompact cars” which means that it is small yet could offer all the features that a driver would want. By comparison of its MPG at city and the highways, there is already an impressive element. The engine is basically a 1.6-Liter variety and it can give out about 138 HP which is quite impressive for its size. The engine alone speaks a lot about its capabilities despite its size.

The exterior aspect of the vehicle reflects class and luxury. The sides and corners are characterized by smooth contours and aerodynamic features. The 5-door feature of the Hyundai Accent is an advantage for those who travel a lot and would have this need for easy loading and unloading of baggage.

The looks of this model could be deceiving though. One might think that because it is a small car, it is designed to be screaming for more room. On the interior, one would be surprised that it is quite roomy and could easily accommodate a 6-foot high person. Its interior design has already earned it a “compact sedan” rating.

To complement its looks and tech elements, it has a superb set of safety features. This would include a vehicle stability management system, airlock brakes, electronic brake distribution, tire pressure monitors, and six airbags which are distributed equally on the front and side of the car.

With its price starting at about $14,545, there is no doubt that buyers will be in for a big treat. Its presence in the industry has already created a new level of standard to beat. This car is a total must-have for those who want the elements of looks, power, and economy in a car!

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