Best Crab Shacks Near Downey, CA

California and seafood go together like two peas in a pod, which is probably why finding good seafood in Downey, CA, is just so easy. That being said, we’re a little partial to our favorite spots to grab fresh crab in the area. We thought you might be too, so we put together this list of the best crab shacks near Downey, CA, just for you. Check it out now and get to crackin’ those shells.

crabsOh Crab!

2020 South Hacienda Boulevard, Suite F in Hacienda Heights, CA

If you’re looking for a crab shack with some Cajun flair, then you’ve got to stop by Oh Crab! in Hacienda Heights. The restaurant offers top-quality ingredients, a fun family-friendly atmosphere, and a menu with several crab options, including Dungeness, king, and snow.

On top of offering fresh seafood, Oh Crab! has a loyalty program called the Oh Mobile Club. You can earn instant rewards, points toward food, and birthday gifts just for signing up. Be sure to ask about it the next time you stop in, and check out their full menu on their website now.

The Boiling Crab

3377 Wilshire Boulevard #107, in Los Angeles

For years, the family behind The Boiling Crab was just a working family in the seafood industry in a little Texas town called Seadrift. But today, they’re sharing their love of seafood, warm Southern hospitality, and good company with their friends near Downey, CA. The restaurant has several locations, but ours is the one in Los Angeles.

The Boiling Crab may have started small, but it’s going to take a big appetite to handle all of the deliciousness they’re serving up. Get to know the family behind the restaurant, and check out their regular hours on their website. We crab-solutely promise you that it will be worth your while.

crabThe Kickin’ Crab

3170 East Imperial Highway, Suite B-102 in Lynwood, CA

We’ve been kickin’ it together for a little while, so we’re just going to get right down to it. The Kickin’ Crab is one of our favorite crab shacks in SoCal. Why? Because the restaurant serves some of the best Cajun seafood this side of the Mississippi, and we’re not afraid to say it.

If you like bold flavors, Southern hospitality, and seafood that’s fresh and perfectly prepared, then this spot is for you.

Ready to get a grip on those bold flavors and incredible crustaceans? Check out the Kickin’ Crab’s website for their menu, location information, and daily specials.

Never Had Crab Before?

If you’ve never had crab before, never fear! But might we suggest you bring along a friend who has had one before? Biting into that first delicious bit of crab meat is a delightful experience, but you’ve got to get to it first.

If no one in your party has experience, don’t be afraid to flag down your waiter and ask ‘em how it’s done. Trust us, you’re not the first!

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