Cooking Classes Near Cerritos, CA

Southern California not only boasts some of the best restaurants and local cuisine in the country, it’s also a place with endless opportunities for everyday people to get in on the culinary action. If you live near Cerritos and always had the desire to ice the perfect cupcake, unlock the secrets to Japanese cooking or just want to pick up a few basic skills to impress your friends, we have you covered. Here’s the dish on three cooking classes near Cerritos, CA that’ll have you honing your inner Julia Child in no time.

Cake Decorating Classes by Sauly

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If you ever wanted to learn the secrets to baking the elaborate cakes and desserts you see in professional bakeries, here’s your chance.  Sauly Anderson has been a professional cake decorator for over twenty years and since 2006, has been sharing her talents with hundreds of students looking to hone their baking skills or develop a fun new hobby. Sauly offers flexible classes ranging from beginners all the way up to advanced level decorating along with special classes for children. Interested in a unique activity for an upcoming birthday or bridal shower? Why not host a cake decorating party!


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You can’t call yourself a true Southern California native without first having a love for Japanese cuisine. Foodstory’s mission is simple – provide engaging educational programs based around Japanese flavors and culture in order to elevate the standard of this beloved cuisine in the US. Here, you won’t just learn cooking skills, you’ll also gain a deeper understanding of the story behind each dish and gain a better appreciation for its unique ingredients and qualities.  Learn everything from the basics of Ramen, how to create simple and healthy sushi to the refined craft of cooking fish and vegetables. It’s Foodstory’s belief that better customers create better chefs and by educating the public it will create better experiences for more people to enjoy.

Le Gourmet Culinary

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Since 2016, Le Gourmet Culinary has been offering personalized courses taught by a team of professional chefs. Interesting fact – Le Gourmet is an off-shoot of Le Gourmet Kitchen, a design and remodeling company that wanted to get full use from the state-of-the-art showrooms while providing a fun and informative teaching kitchen for the community. Le Gourmet offers a wide selection of classes in a number of different cooking styles from around the world including: French, Italian, Spain, and more. There’s even special programs for teens, including a “Kid’s Cooking Camp” designed to train the next generation of star chefs.

Time to Strap on Your Apron

Whether for a date night, girls’ night, or just so you can stop ordering so much carryout, take advantage of one of these great cooking classes near Cerritos. To learn more about upcoming classes, pricing and special events, check them out today!


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