Best Breakfast near Cerritos, CA

BrunchFoodFor some, breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day. And that’s the case if you stop by one of our favorite breakfast spots near Cerritos, CA. Known for its awesome shopping opportunities, you’re going to want to start your day with a delicious breakfast spot.

Stop into one of these best breakfast spots near Cerritos and be sure to let them know that the team at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Cerritos Auto Square sent you!

Cachi Cafe

This local institution is a great place to settle in for a hot cup of coffee and enjoy the free Wi-Fi. The delicious food is totally worth the affordable pricing and the friendly service will make your morning the best way to start the day.

What’s for Breakfast?

The Breakfast Burrito is a definite must for anyone stopping by Cachi Cafe. Whether you’re there for a quick bite or ready to settle in for breakfast with a friend, the simple plate is perfect. Scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, and your choice of breakfast meat is wrapped up just for your delight.


No Toro Café

breakfast-cereal-OJWhat started as a food truck quickly became a local staple in the Cerritos, CA, area. No Toro Café is a local business owned and operated by Yvonne Magana and Yara Casas, owners who used their military and business backgrounds to create a total breakfast experience with a convenient location at the corner of Artesia and Pioneer Boulevard.

What’s for Breakfast?

You simply must try the Scramble Bar at No Toro Café. You can choose up to three toppings from the following: bacon, jalapenos, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, fresh-made salsa, avocado, and spinach. Be sure to pair that with a delicious cup of Mexican Coffee (refills are free!).


Sunrise Cafe

When you’re out and about, dropping the kiddos off at school, take a moment for yourself over at Sunrise Cafe. It’s the perfect little spot to take a break from your life and your everyday chores to enjoy a quiet moment. The service is incredible and the food is even better.

What’s for Breakfast?

If you’re watching your heart health, you should try the Vegetarian Mix. You’ll enjoy scrambled eggs with onions and home fries, mushrooms and spinach, tomatoes, and bell peppers. Pair it with a hot cup of coffee or fresh juice and enjoy. Yummy!


Tice House Cafe

Since it was built in 1905, Tice House Cafe has become a local staple, especially when it comes to breakfast. The restaurant offers a central location on Beach Boulevard near the California Welcome Center and is right near some of the most awe-inspiring historical buildings, including the Bacon House and Whitaker-Jaynes Estate Museums.

What’s for Breakfast?

If you’re stopping into the Tice House Cafe for breakfast and you’re in the mood for something sweet, you’ll want to try the Vanilla French Toast. Sweet bread French toast made with a little vanilla and cinnamon is topped with seasonal fruit and served for your delight.


Best Ice Skating Rinks for Holiday Activities near Cerritos, CA

iceskatesIt’s finally here! Winter ice skating season is in full swing, and there are so many fun activities going on, including those specially for the holidays. So whether you’re looking for a fun hockey league to join or you just want to take the kiddos for a fun public skate session, we’ve got a place for you near Cerritos, CA.

Check out this list of the best ice skating rinks for holiday activities near Cerritos, then make time to stop in with the family this season!

East West Ice Palace

As one of the most well-known ice skating rinks in the Cerritos area, East West Ice Palace has everything you need to start your holiday season off right. With public skating sessions throughout the year and an ice hockey league you can join at the beginning of the season, there’s lots to love at this local ice skating rink. In addition, the location offers a full fitness center, pro shop, and skating school so you can sign up the kiddos (or yourself) for figure skating, ice hockey, or synchronized skating lessons.

In terms of holiday-specific events, East West Ice Palace doesn’t offer any, but they do offer rental opportunities so you can host your own special event. More information is available on their website.

The Rinks Lakewood Ice

One of the biggest ice rinks in the Cerritos area, The Rinks Lakewood Ice is a huge venue that offers everything you could imagine in terms of ice skating. Public skating, youth hockey, adult hockey, figure skating, and events specifically for homeschool families are all on the menu of options at this local rink. In addition to being home of the Anaheim Ducks Learn to Play Program, the local venue makes it easy for you and the whole family to get in to ice hockey.

Like most of the other local ice skating rinks, The Rinks Lakewood Ice offers private rink rentals for your holiday party. And since it’s such a huge venue, it’s a great place with plenty of amenities for your next event. Visit their website for more information.

Paramount Iceland

iceskatingIf you’re looking for a family-friendly skating adventure, Paramount Iceland is a great place to go. The ice skating rink has all the usual suspects in terms of skating activities, including public skating, ice hockey, a skating school, and figure skating. They also offer broomball, which is a fun game kind of like hockey that’s played on the ice in sneakers. This is a great introduction to ice hockey for kiddos just learning how to skate since the same basic principles apply but no skating skill is necessary.

In terms of holiday events, the ice skating rink doesn’t offer any, but there are several public skating sessions during the holiday weeks and private rentals of the venue are available.

Ready to get your skate on? Stop by Paramount Iceland near Cerritos, CA, to get started.

Guide to the In This Together Festival Los Angeles, CA

The In This Together Festival is a unique mental health awareness event aimed at bringing attention to an issue that affects millions of Americans each year. The nonprofit mental health awareness event will feature live entertainment from performers who are relatable to those who face or know someone who faces these issues.

2016 In This Together Festival

helppatientThe 2016 In This Together Festival will take place on Sunday, November 13 at the Avalon Theater, 1735 Vine Street in Los Angeles, from 4 to 11:30 pm. Tickets range from $40 to $75 (more on that below).

The festival celebrates those who have/struggle with mental illness and adversity and creates a place of safety for all of those involved. The current performer lineup is outlined below, but note that the event lineup is subject to change. Check back to the official event page before purchasing tickets.

MUSIC: Deqn Sue & Daniel Johnston (and more)

PODCASTS: The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Royce White & Mortified

STORYTELLING: Sara Benincasa

STAND-UP COMEDY: Beth Stelling

Ticketing Information

Tickets to the 2016 In This Together Festival are broken down in several ways in the online ticketing terminal, so you can get tickets that mean the most to you. We’ve outlined a few of the most popular options below for your convenience:

All Day Pass: This $75 ticket gets you access to all of the festival events, including music and comedy, which means you won’t miss anything.

Music Only: This $50 ticket gets you access to the musical performance by Daniel Johnston, which means you’ll miss out on performances by Beth Stilling, Sara Benincasa, and The Mental Illness Happy Hour.

Podcasts/Comedy Only: This $40 ticket gets you access to the comedy and podcast portion only, which means you’ll miss out on music by Daniel Johnston and Deqn Sue.

To learn more about the tickets or the event or to connect with your friends on Facebook, check out the Eventbrite page and snag your tickets to the 2016 In This Together Festival before they’re sold out.

Sponsors of the In This Together Festival 2016

The mental health issues we face in the United States aren’t something to be dealt with alone. That’s why companies across the country support these issues every day.

The 2016 In This Together Festival is sponsored by the Racial and Ethnic Mental Health Disparities Coalition, Organifi, KnKtd, Each Mind Matters – California’s Mental Health Movement, Partners for Strong Minds, Cyrus Urban Sustainability Network, Jim Foote, and Strange World Productions.

To get involved as an event sponsor or volunteer, use the contact form on the official event website.

Guide to Winter Fantasy Sawdust Festival Laguna Beach, CA

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s time to start planning your calendar! The 2016 Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art & Craft Festival is coming up quickly, and the team at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Cerritos Auto Square has the details for you right here.

Keep reading to get the inside scoop then be sure to mark your calendar.

Official Dates for Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art & Craft Festival

sawdustOver five weekends, you can enjoy the wonder and fun that is the Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art & Craft Festival in Laguna Beach. This Christmas-themed event opens at 10 am and ends at 6 pm on the following dates:

  • November 19 and 20
  • November 25, 26, and 27
  • December 3 and 4
  • December 10 and 11
  • December 17 and 18

Tickets to this year’s event are available on the official event website, and you can purchase them online at any time. However, we suggest purchasing them a week or two in advance simply for convenience. Prices for tickets are as follows:

  • Adults (under 65): $8 each
  • Seniors (65 and older): $6 each
  • Children (older than 5): $4 each
  • Children 5 and under: Free

Holiday Fun at the 2016 Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art & Craft Festival

Laguna Beach has quite a few holiday events for the whole family to enjoy, but you don’t want to miss this one. The Sawdust Art & Craft Festival grounds transform into a winter wonderland where the kiddos can go inside fun playhouses and see the wonder of Christmas. The event will include several special events, including SAC After Dark and Sawdust Art Classes.

Sawdust Art Class offerings include the following:

  • Water Casting
  • Glass Blown Ornament
  • Pottery Wheel
  • Glass Mosaic Candle Holder
  • Watercolor & Ink Travel Journal Workshop
  • Jeweler’s Saw

For a complete listing of classes and specific date information, check out the art classes calendar.

SAC After Dark offerings include the following:

  • Mixed Media Printmaking
  • Potter Wheel
  • Water Casting
  • Screen Printing

These classes are a great option for those who want to take a more active approach to participating in the festival.

Winter Fantasy Entertainment at the Sawdust Art & Craft Festival

While you can take plenty of classes, there are also fun things to do if you’re just looking to peruse and hang out at the festival. This year’s event will include 175 artists who will show off and sell their original creations. There will also be live holiday entertainment, a petting zoo, visits from Santa, and a holiday-themed outdoor café. And if that weren’t enough, you’ll also get the chance to see the thousands of Christmas decorations scattered about the whole event.

For some great holiday fun for the whole family, be sure to attend the Winter Fantasy Sawdust Art & Craft Festival this year in Laguna Beach.

Guide to the Taste of Italy Los Angeles, CA

Lovers of Italian cuisine and culture will be thrilled to hear that the 2016 Taste of Italy food festival is coming up soon! The beloved event takes place this year on October 1 in Los Angeles at Pico House and The Plaza on North Main Street.

The team at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Irvine Auto Center has all of the details for you right here.

Taste of Italy: Event Overview

italianfoodTaste of Italy is a local event that takes place each year in celebration of Italian food and culture. The premier Italian food and wine event will feature award-winning wineries and restaurants, live entertainment, and a cultural experience unlike any you’ll get in the Los Angeles area.

At Taste of Italy, your senses will be enchanted by delightful smells and your palate graced by the flavors known best by the Italian residents of Los Angeles.

Put on as a benefit for the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles, Taste of Italy is Los Angeles’s premier cultural-gastronomic event and tickets are now on sale.

Event Details for Taste of Italy

In addition to offering an array of delicious Italian food and wine, the Los Angeles Taste of Italy event will feature live entertainment. This year’s performers include Emcee “Shotgun Tom” Kelly, the Jasmine Tommaso Trio, featuring Lorenzo Grassi and Giovanni Tommaso, as well as the LA Opera, Nick D’Egidio, and DJ Lo.

With live music and entertainment throughout the event, the whole family will be delighted by this local cultural celebration of Italy.

Participating Restaurants

This year’s Taste of Italy event will feature over 40 local restaurants and only a partial list of participants is available right now. The list of featured Italian restaurants and wineries include the following:


Bar Toscana: A local Italian bar and restaurant that offers an intimate and upscale environment and incredible food. The restaurant’s menu includes classic Italian dishes like ravioli pomodoro (homemade ravioli with spinach, ricotta, and tomato sauce), spaghetti vongole (spaghetti with clams), and prosciutto pizza (mozzarella, tomato and prosciutto di Parma).

Our favorite dish is their Tiramisu Bar Toscana, which features all of the flavors that define Italy: espresso, mascarpone, and chocolate.

For their full menu, see their official website.

Pedroncelli Winery: A local family-owned and -operated winery that offers delightful flavors with sustainable farming methods. The winery started in 1927 and has been a small family operation ever since.

Now in their third generation of ownership, the winery is run with the same dedication to tradition and heritage now as it was when it started. Their wine list includes the delicious Friends White, which offers a tropical fruit flavor with aromas of ginger, rose petals, and pineapple.

Learn more about the winery and their current offerings on their website.

Get Connected with Taste of Italy

To learn more about this fabulous local celebration of Italian food, wine, and culture, check out the official event website. Or share it with your friends over on their official Facebook page and support the Italian American Museum of Los Angeles today.

Best Places to Watch Sunday Night Football Near Downey, CA

Watching Sunday night football is at the top of the list of exciting things happening this week for many residents near Downey, CA, which is why we thought it our duty at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Irvine Auto Center to share our list of best places to watch.

Keep reading to find out our three favorite sports bars in the area to catch the Sunday Night Football game each week.

Diddy’s Place Sports Bar

Sports barIf you’re looking for a fun, casual place to grab a drink and catch the game, then check out Diddy’s Place Sports Bar. The bar was recently renovated and has some great reviews from their Facebook followers. Located at 17832 Clark Avenue in Bellflower, the bar offers specialty drinks, your favorite beers on tap, and your ticket to Sunday night football near Downey, CA.

If you want to join the fun at Diddy’s Place Sports Bar, check out their official Facebook page or stop by the bar on game day to see what all of the talk is about.

French Quarter Creole Bar & Grill

If you’re looking for a fun bar with a French Quarter theme located right in the Downey, CA, area, you should definitely stop in to French Quarter Creole Bar & Grill. Located at 16728 Bellflower Boulevard in Bellflower, CA, this bar is centrally located for game day. Along with the fun vibe you get from hanging out in the bar, the restaurant side of French Quarter is incredible.

Their regular menu includes seafood fare such as crab cakes and calamari. You’ll also find Creole menu items you’ll love, like red beans and rice, New Orleans po’boy, crawfish étouffée, gumbo, and a Southern fried chicken dinner.

In addition to their everyday activities, the bar holds regular events, which you can find on their website.

Check out all that’s going on at French Quarter Creole Bar & Grille on their website or stop in on game day to join in the fun!

Spike’s Bar

If you want the full bar experience while you enjoy the game, then Spike’s Sports Bar & Grill might be a great choice for you. Located at 16728 Bellflower Boulevard in Rosemead, CA, Spike’s Bar offers pool tables, karaoke, live music, and an outdoor area for you to enjoy. There’s both a full bar and full kitchen, so you’ll be able to catch the game and enjoy a brew and delicious meal at the same time.

Spike’s Bar has been in their current location for more than 15 years, and it’s their super chill environment and great culture that has made it a favorite for local residents near Downey. The bar has flat screen TVs and free parking, so it’s the perfect spot to hit up for Sunday night football.

Learn more about the bar on their website or stop in for the game on Sunday.

Guide to the Folk Revival Festival

This year marks the 4th anniversary of the Annual Folk Revival Festival in Long Beach, California. This event is a local favorite and brings in thousands as a celebration of American folk music and culture. We’ve got all of the must-have details for this year’s event right here, brought to you by your friends at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Cerritos Auto Square.

4th Annual Folk Revival Festival in Long Beach, CA

musicfestivalThis year’s event will take place beginning at 11 AM on Saturday, September 17th at Rainbow Lagoon Park. For reference, that park is across the street from the Marina in Downtown Long Beach, CA, and Shoreline Village. The location offers oceanfront views, which are the perfect backdrop for this relaxed and family-friendly music festival.

The festival will be a celebration of all things folk. So you’ll enjoy Americana, Roots, Bluegrass, and Folk music during this incredible local event. This year’s event in particular is exciting, as we’ll be celebrating the 50th anniversary of Ditty Gritty Dirt Band, which was founded in 1966 in Long Beach, California. Other performers at this year’s event include Moonsville Collective, Willy Tea Taylor, Echo Mountain, and The Hollow Trees.

Non-Musical Entertainment Included

While the Folk Revival Festival is mainly a music festival, if you decide to attend this year’s festival you’ll also enjoy a boatload of other entertainment options. These activities include a pie eating contest, games for the whole family, an “instrument petting zoo,” a kids area with super fun crafts to take home, an area with gourmet food trucks and booths, craft brews on tap for you to sample and enjoy, and more.

There will also be several competitions aside from the pie eating contest that you may want to look into before heading over to the festival because they’re a lot of fun to participate in. The beard and mustache contest is one that we’re super excited to see since both men and women can participate, and it gets really creative. There is also a Deering Banjo Contest that is super fun to watch and the Open Bluegrass Jam is a great way to scout out local talent.

Important Information for Before You Go

Tickets to the 2016 Folk Revival Festival are on sale right now for just $40 through the event website for General Admission. Children age 12 and under and seniors age 75 and older get in for free. Ticket sales end on September 16th, so you’ll want to plan ahead if you plan to attend. There are also VIP admission tickets available for purchase for $75. These tickets, which are only available to guests 21+, include access to a separate bar that will have craft beers, cocktails, and more. VIPs will also enjoy a great view of the main stage and private restrooms.

You can snag your tickets online on the official website, but you’ll pay a small service fee per ticket. To avoid paying this fee, consider grabbing your tickets when you visit a few of our favorite local vendors: Fingerprints Music, Red Leprechaun, or Viento y Agua Coffee House.

The Cypress Community Festival

The 36th Annual Cypress Community Festival will take place this year on Saturday, July 23 at Oak Knoll Park. The event is shaping up to be the best one yet, and we’re excited to share all of the details with you right here.

Annual Cypress Community Festival

 As the largest one-day event in Orange County, the annual Cypress Community Festival is a celebration of Cypress’ birthday. The festival includes an entire day of shenanigans designed to be a welcoming and inviting place for local residents to get together and spend quality time with the whole family and community. The festival is a great opportunity to meet your neighbors, catch up with old friends, and spend the day with the family.

This year’s event will have a whole list of incredible events beginning at 7 am and ending around 5 pm. There will be events on the Main Stage and the Kids Stage, in the Civic Center area, on the patio, and in the fields.

So what’s going on at this year’s festival? Check out the schedule below.

Cypress Festival Schedule

The event will begin at 7 am with the Kiwanis Pancake Breakfast on the patio. At 7:30 am, the 5K and 10K run/walk will begin at the Civic Center Area.

The festival grounds officially open at 8:55 am with opening ceremonies taking place at 9 am. At this time, the exhibitor and food booths will open, the champion baseball game will begin, and the car show, chili, and beer booths will open. You’ll also be able to see a performance by Strong Dance Studio on the Kids Stage.

From then on, there will be a variety of events going on throughout the day, including an 11 am Snoopy performance on the Main Stage and a roadhouse band performance on the Chili Stage.

At 12:15 pm, the kiddos can enjoy an Elsa Sing-a-Long on the Main Stage, and at 3 pm, the whole family can enjoy Storytime with Belle.

Closing time is at 5 pm, so before then, be sure to check out all of the food booths and try something tasty from your favorite locals.

Fun All Day Long

The Cypress Community Festival will also have a ton of fun things to do between the live shows and entertainment. There will be craft and artisan booths, game booths from local non-profit organizations, food booths, and independent specialty booths. This year’s event will include the much-loved Coloring Contest for the kiddos. Prizes will be awarded on the Kids Stage at 11 am on the day of the event.

If you’re a food lover, then you’ll love the Chili or Salsa Cook-Off that will be part of this year’s festival. Grab a bowl and then walk through the car show, where you’ll find corvettes, muscle cars, street cars, trucks, sports cars, and classics.

Want to learn more about the festival? Check out the official event website.

Best Catering Services Near Huntington Beach, CA

Are you planning a big event like a family reunion or wedding near Huntington Beach, California? Then you may be considering hiring a professional catering service to take care of your event. At Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore at Cerritos Auto Square, we understand the importance of hiring the best in the business. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our top three favorite caterers in the Huntington Beach area.

At Your Service Catering

Since 1990, the mastermind behind At Your Service Catering has been taking care of weddings and receptions in the Huntington Beach area. The company specializes in creating events that are absolutely stunning from beginning to end and offers more than just your average catering company.


At Your Service Catering also offers wedding planning services including florals and decoration and event coordination. In terms of catering alone, the company offers five different packages for you to choose from at varying price points, so no matter how big your budget, you’ll find a service that fits your needs. As a winner of the 2015 Wedding Wire Couples’ Choice Awards, At Your Service Catering will provide a service you’ll never forget.

Love At First Bite

If you’re looking to hire a catering company near Huntington Beach, California, that makes you feel like you’re part of the family, then Love At First Bite should be at the top of your list. This family-owned business has been taking care of customers like you since 1982 with pure love in their hearts. The caterer offers traditional classic fare as well as the most upscale culinary delights you could ask for.

In addition to offering incredibly delicious food, Love At First Bite also offers event planning services. If you need help securing a photographer, videographer, live entertainment, florist, décor, or even rentals, the team at this small company will be happy to assist you.

Paris Party Events

For over 20 years, this incredible company has been offering affordable and elegant catering services to the community near Huntington Beach, California. Paris Party Events offers incredibly delicious food, classy and elegant presentation, and the most professional team in the business.

Paris Party Events is not your run of the mill catering company. They’re guided by event management guru Veronica, who offers a worldy view of event planning. After traveling around the world and falling in love with food and events, Veronica started Paris Party Events. Whether you’re looking for catering services for a wedding, private event, or large corporate affair, this caterer will have your back.

Next Steps: Hiring a Caterer

Whether you’re planning something small and intimate or large and extravagant, consider hiring one of these top catering services near Huntington Beach. You’ve got the information, now it’s time to put it to use. The first step to hiring a caterer is contacting the company or companies you’re interested in and setting up a consultation with a member of their staff. You’ll quickly learn what they’re about and be able to determine whether they fit with what you’re looking for. We wish you the best of luck during all of your event planning!

Best Eats in Anaheim, CA

Thanks to Anaheim, CA’s location and abundance of fresh ingredients, numerous restaurants in the area truly deliver an exceptional dining experience. To help you on your search for your next regular spot, your friends at Norm Reeves Hyundai Superstore have put together this list of the best eats around Anaheim. Bon appétit!

The Catch

2100 East Katella Avenue in Anaheim, CA

chefdressingfoodEstablished in 1978, this local restaurant offers an upscale dining experience complete with flat screens playing your favorite sports games. The restaurant seats by reservation and is a great location for private events thanks to its more formal dining environment.

The Catch offers a unique menu for different times of the day, for special events, as well as where you’re seated in the restaurant. For example, there are separate menus for lunch, dinner, and in the lounge area.

Learn more about The Catch on their website, including a full list of their hard-to-find and local beers on draft and their extensive list of spirits and wine offerings.

Reunion Kitchen + Drink

5775 East Santa Ana Canyon Road in Anaheim Hills, CA

If there’s one thing you can expect from Reunion Kitchen + Drink, it’s comfort food with a modern twist. Each dish is creatively designed with passion and excitement by the restaurant’s chefs. The dishes are unique without being distracting, and interesting while still being delicious. The purpose? To give you a relaxing dining experience you can enjoy with your friends and family.

To learn more about this find in Anaheim that was a Diners’ Choice winner in 2015 from OpenTable, connect with them on Instagram or check out their official website and see the full menu.

Mama Cozza’s Italian Restaurant

2170 West Ball Road in Anaheim, CA

Mama Cozza’s Italian Restaurant has served quality Italian food since 1965. Now in their 45th year, the restaurant is aging like a fine wine: getting better with age.

wine_glasses_grapesThe family recipes the chefs use have been passed down through generations, and the Italian classics are just like Nona used to make. If you’re looking for a classic Italian meal in a family-friendly environment, then Mama Cozza’s should be the first stop on your list of restaurants to try in Anaheim. Featured on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, this local favorite will have you coming back for more.

Check out their full menu and wine list on their website.

DonerG Turkish & Mediterranean Grill

2139 East Ball Road in Anaheim, CA

If you’re looking for some local food packed with incredible flavor and the freshest ingredients available, then DonerG Turkish & Mediterranean Grill might be right up your alley. The restaurant offers salads and vegetarian dishes, a wonderful kids menu, pita sandwiches and wraps, and plates with everything that make you hungry just thinking about them.

Check out their full menu and place an order for pickup or delivery by visiting DonerG Turkish & Mediterranean Grill’s website. Or check out some of their best dishes on their Instagram and let your appetite guide you.