Black Book vs. Kelley Blue Book

If you’re wondering the differences between Black Book and Kelley Blue Book, read our comparison between the two pricing tools. Kelley Blue Book pricing has been a standard for decades for finding the fair market value price for used cars. It’s a useful tool for when you’re looking to purchase a used car and when you’re looking to sell because it has a strong reputation for providing an accurate picture of the market. But is it still the most relevant pricing outline, and how do you know what information to trust? Vehicle Pricing In this article, Black Book vs. Kelley Blue Book, we’ll get the inside scoop for used car buyers and sellers near Cerritos, Long Beach, and Anaheim.

Kelley Blue Book

Kelley Blue Book has a long history in the used car industry. It provides data for both those in and around the automotive industry, which means it’s pretty much the expert on used car value. The pricing schema is based on information collected at car auctions across the country and are based on a variety of factors. The most commonly known is the condition levels of “Excellent, Good, Fair, and Poor.” The values you find with this tool are wholesale values, so they’re not exactly what a consumer can expect to get from trading in at a dealership, but what a dealer could expect to pay if they bought the vehicle at auction.

Black Book

Black Book has been around since 1955, and although it’s much less well known than Kelley Blue Book, it also provides exceptionally accurate vehicle pricing information. Black Book specifically provides information for those industry experts who’re looking for a fair pricing representation to buy, sell, and lend for used car purchases. Vehicle valueBlack Book information is available only to industry-qualified professionals. And they access it through a subscription process, so it’s not usually available to typical used car buyers. But it does give you some idea of the information that car buyers and sellers are using to determine fair prices for used cars.

How to Find Used Car Pricing

Whether you’re looking to purchase a used car or sell a used car, finding accurate pricing is a key to planning for your financial future. That in-depth research stage is really the first one we recommend in any car buying search. So, how do you get started, and how should you go about finding fair pricing for a used car? The first step we recommend is to check Kelley Blue Book. You’ll find a wealth of knowledge here, and it’s all available online and for free to the public. Be sure to be honest with yourself about the quality of vehicle you’re looking at. Then, consider a price range you’d be comfortable with and go from there. The second step we recommend is to shop around on other online vendors to get a full price range. If you’re trading in your vehicle, look at online vendors to see how much they’re selling for. Then, be sure to take a bit off because you’re selling to a business that’ll want to re-sell the vehicle. That’s how you come up with an accurate pricing for your vehicle. Finally, check in with the dealership to see if they have a Value Your Trade option. Based on Kelley Blue Book Values, as well as local demand, this price will give an estimate of what you can expect to get for your vehicle at that dealership.

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